Europe Comics

  • Zoc Nouv.


    Jade Khoo

    • Europe comics
    • 25 Mai 2022

    Zoc has an unusual gift: her hair attracts water, allowing her to drag huge quantities of it along behind her. But somehow her extraordinary ability only ever seems to get her into trouble. Struggling to discover her purpose in life, Zoc finds a way of using her talents to help a flooded town. On her journey, she'll encounter wandering minstrels, hostile townsfolk, and the fiery Kael, whose equally unusual gift might just make for the perfect friendship.

  • - 47%

    Nowhere Girl

    Magali Le Huche

    • Europe comics
    • 23 Juin 2021

    This is the story of a girl growing up in the 1990s - a middle-
    schooler who finds herself lost in the gulf between childhood and
    adolescence, developing paralyzing fears of failure, school, other
    people, and her own changing body. Along the way, she becomes
    obsessed with the Beatles... which might be just what she needs to
    find her way back to being okay. Yeah yeah yeah!

  • Mademoiselle Baudelaire


    • Europe comics
    • 22 Septembre 2021

    Baudelaire: poète maudit, enfant terrible, lyric genius, crippling perfectionist. Bereft of a father at age five, he spent his days squandering the former's fortune on prostitutes and paintings, opium and alcohol, finery and laundry bills for his impeccably white dandy's collars. He loved a woman and gave her syphilis. This is her story. Muse, mulatto, mistress, mystery... little was known of Jeanne in her day, and even less remembered since. Yslaire pays tribute to a brimstone-and-hellfire affair from the annals of literature, two misunderstood souls who in their mutual misunderstanding afforded each other what little solace they found in life.

  • Delacroix

    Catherine Meurisse

    • Europe comics
    • 23 Septembre 2020

    In 1864, a year after the death of Eugène Delacroix, Alexandre Dumas recounted the memories that marked his friendship with the great painter. From one anecdote to the next, Dumas' text reveals the personality of both painter and writer. All the while, a colorful portrait of the period takes shape; a period in which works of art are subject to fiery debates, intense admiration, and irrevocable rejection. With humor and passion, Catherine Meurisse invites herself into this very personal adaptation of Dumas' tribute to his friend.

  • Les beaux étés t.1 ; cap au Sud !


    • Europe comics
    • 16 Mai 2018

    In this nostalgic account, the Faldérault family sets out for a final summer vacation together before an impending marital separation disrupts the family dynamics for good. Along the way, heading south to France from Brussels, Pierre, Maddie, and their children revel in impromptu skinny-dips, family sing-alongs, and camping in the wild, ultimately finding a renewed zest for life-and vacation!

  • Marathon

    Nicolas Debon

    • Europe comics
    • 22 Septembre 2021

    Amsterdam, August 1928. The crowd goes wild as the world's star athletes take off from the starting line for the crowning event of the Olympic Games: the marathon. Few so much as notice the short, slight Algerian runner-a factory worker by day-who wears the French jersey. But that was before a strong wind, cramps, and 42.195 kilometers of ruthless competition combined to produce an astonishing upset...

  • Don Vega

    Alary Pierre

    • Europe comics
    • 16 Décembre 2020

    The year is 1849, and the future state of California is under the control of former soldiers from the Mexican-American War. Their leader, General Gomez, is busy buying up the locals' land for pennies on the dollar, so that he and his cronies can maximize their profits from the coming gold rush. But he and his men are dogged by a series of masked, would-be avengers all calling themselves Zorro. They are an almost laughable annoyance, simple peasants living out the fantasy of a local legend. Until one man shows up and starts picking off Gomez's men one by one, as stealthy as a fox. He brandishes a sword which he uses to carve the letter Z into his victims' cheeks... Could this be the true Zorro?

  • Opération Copperhead

    Jean Harambat

    • Europe comics
    • 16 Mai 2018

    Adventure, drama, spies, secrets, and even a dash of romance. This extraordinary story tells the tale of two movie stars being pulled into the intrigue of counterintelligence and disinformation campaigns during World War II. Churchill is looking for someone to impersonate Britain's top general, and it's up to David Niven and Peter Ustinov to train the lucky lad. They're in a race against the clock and a battle against all the usual vices-wine and women included-to turn a second-rate actor into General Montgomery in this uproarious and award-winning graphic novel, where the truth might be stranger than fiction.

  • Aion

    Ludovic Rio

    • Europe comics
    • 17 Juillet 2019

    Captain Lexi Neel thought she'd sacrificed years of life with her daughter when she left Earth on a decades-long journey through the depths of space. But when a distress signal takes her out of hypersleep years ahead of schedule, she finds herself on the mysterious moon Aion, home to exotic wildlife and a research station dedicated to study of the moon's "particularities." It might mean a chance to start over as if she never left... As Lexi is about to learn, time is an experience.

  • Kinderland


    • Europe comics
    • 16 Octobre 2019

    East Berlin, summer of 1989: Mirco Watzke is caught in a bind. Usually a model student, the seventh grader has got himself in trouble with a couple of bullies from the Free German Youth, and the only person who can help is the mysterious new kid in school... Vivid and funny, tender and nuanced, "Kinderland" chronicles East Germany's final months as seen through the eyes of a child. It's a story of friendship, courage, and trust, but also of growing up between Young Pioneers and the church, fathers who "disappear," and a ping-pong tournament interrupted by the fall of the Berlin Wall. Winner of the Max & Moritz Award for Best Comic at the 2014 Erlangen International Comics Festival.

  • Griffe blanche t.3 ; la voie du sable


    • Europe comics
    • 16 Mai 2018

    As the coalition built by Lady Shatira continues to try to defeat Suo-the-Red, the warlord who has brought ruin and devastation to the entire region, White Claw faces her greatest challenge yet: not only will she face the ruthless tyrant herself, but she will also have to prepare for an excrutiating confrontation with someone from her past. Thank goodness her faithful companions Lieutenant Bolt, Taho-The-Quick, and Master Foon are at her side when she needs them-not to mention her beautiful phoenix Ash.

  • Trap

    Mathieu Burniat

    • Europe comics
    • 21 Août 2019

    A man lives in the wild with a dog as his only companion... and great powers at his disposal. All he needs is an animal's hide to take on its abilities. Together, he and his dog will go off to seek a terrible monster, in a silent story brought to vivid life by Burniat and Michiels. Fierce, funny, strange, endearing!

  • Chinaman t.9 ; Tucano


    • Europe comics
    • 16 Mai 2018

    In this conclusion to a tense two-parter, John Chinaman reaches Tucano with two friends by his side and a gang of outlaws on their heels who'll stop at nothing to recover the cash from a bungled robbery. John's hopes of keeping a low profile go up in smoke as Zed continues his cheating streak, and Horace hides out at a brothel, trying to start a new life as a bouncer. Meanwhile, John's boss, Mr. Byrne, is going out of business, and has one last delivery for John to make: a prize Longhorn bull. Life sure can get complicated when you have friends!

  • In Search of the Unicorn 1. The Land of the Moors

    Emilio Ruiz

    • Europe comics
    • 16 Mai 2018

    1471. Leading a band of faithful crossbowmen, Juan de Olid leaves Castile in secret, bound for adventure and the unknown lands of Sub-Saharan Africa. The expedition's objective is to bring back a unicorn horn as quickly as possible-the future of the kingdom depends on it. On the advice of the most pre-eminent experts of their day, Juan de Olid and his companions take along with them the one thing that can help them in their quest: a virgin. For the scent of unsullied maidens has the power to tame the most formidable of unicorns. Meanwhile, the apothecaries of King Henry IV of Castile, nicknamed "the Impotent," impatiently await this legendary horn, as it is said it can cure the King and ensure the continuation of the royal line...

  • Amalia Nouv.

    Anglais Amalia

    Aude Picault

    • Europe comics
    • 25 Mai 2022

    Amalia is on the verge of burnout. Her family life-with her husband, Karim; her 4-year-old daughter, Lili; and her 17-year-old stepdaughter, Nora-is nothing but rushing around, screaming, and doors slamming. At work, they talk about agility, flexibility, and adaptation, but her workload is slipping away from her. As she drives through the countryside, she sees diseased wheat fields and polluted rivers. She can't even listen to the radio without some new story about deadly attacks and a dying climate. Amalia struggles, tries, fails... and eventually, she cracks.

  • Renée Stone - Volume 3 - The Treasure of Assurbanipal Nouv.

    Anglais Renée Stone - Volume 3 - The Treasure of Assurbanipal

    Julie Birmant

    • Europe comics
    • 25 Mai 2022

    The thrilling conclusion to the inaugural adventures of British mystery novelist Renée Stone.After countless twists and turns, we finally learn the endgame of scheming billionaire Anis Badian, who has orchestrated ruses, abductions, and even murders in order to position Stone and archeologist John Malowan at an ancient site outside Mosul, Iraq, in search of invaluable treasure: that of legendary Assyrian king Assurbanipal. Meanwhile, renowned journalist Graham Gray has undertaken to clear the name of trafficker Henry de Frick, who has been accused of murdering Malowan and Stone...

  • An Enemy of the People Nouv.

    Anglais An Enemy of the People

    Javi Rey

    • Europe comics
    • 25 Mai 2022

    An adaptation of Ibsen's play: Dr. Stockmann discovers that his town's thermal springs are contaminated with bacteria, so he decides to warn everyone. But to fix the problem, expensive work would be necessary. The town's mayor, who is none other than the doctor's own brother, tries to silence Stockmann.

  • Jeremy - Volume 1 - Paradise Island

    Jef Nys

    • Europe comics
    • 27 Novembre 2015

    Frankie wins the first prize in a contest: a round-the-world trip with four friends aboard the Silver Wave. Little do they know that James, their arch enemy, is watching them, patiently waiting to teach Jeremy and his friends a little lesson... But not everything goes as planned.

  • Creatures - Volume 1 - The City that Never Sleeps


    • Europe comics
    • 20 Janvier 2021

    In a post-apocalyptic New York City obliterated by a Big Night that wiped out most of civilization, bands of children struggle to stay alive in the wreckage, hunting for food under billowing clouds of toxic fog and running from hungry zombies. One child is endowed with the power to keep them at bay, but will it be enough to protect the survivors from the terrifying creature that has just risen out of the Hudson River? Meanwhile, a raving old man with a house full of books says the worst is yet to come...

  • Pico Bogue - Volume 1 - Life and Me

    Dominique Roques

    • Europe comics
    • 10 Novembre 2015

    Pico Bogue is the eldest child of a normal family, and when we say 'normal', we mean unique, quirky and occasionally just stark raving mad! Along with his little sister Anna, Pico goes through life with as many certainties as he has questions, making the kind of pertinent observations that only children are capable of. Sometimes challenging, always loveable, there's no end to Pico's mischief, much to the amusement, exasperation and surprise of his long-suffering parents!

  • Blast - Volume 1 - Dead Weight

    Manu Larcenet

    • Europe comics
    • 7 Octobre 2015

    A man - filthy, stinking, alone and obese - is taken in by the police. We don't yet know what he's done, or why he's there. But he's going to tell us his story. The story of a man who strives to live by his own rules, free from the bounds of socially imposed morality and norms, an ambition inspired by one blinding, ecstatic, vivid moment of ultilmate perfection in life and existence - The Blast. He makes the only choice possible for him after such an experience: he leaves everything behind and sets off to live, really live, in the wild, on his own. This first volume is a homage to the acute beauty of nature, solitude and feeling alive. And to the pain and brutality necessary for this man to find his way to another, purer, more complete level of existence. But is the mysterious 'Blast' really what it seems? And so the interrogation begins.

  • Djinn - Volume 1 - The Favorite

    Jean Dufaux

    • Europe comics
    • 7 Octobre 2015

    What exactly is a harem for? For the pleasure of a sovereign, of course. But he would be foolish to limit it to this sole purpose. They say that if you can satisfy a man, he'll give you all the treasures of the earth. Including the spoils of war. Sultan Murati's harem is a far more powerful weapon than the British and German armies, both of which are seeking his alliance. The flower of all flowers, the weapon of all weapons, Jade, the Sultan's new favorite, is entrusted with the Sultan's scheme to launch an assault on an English diplomat. A model of British calm and impregnability, like all men, Lord Nelson has his Achilles' heel: his wife...
    50 years later, Jade's granddaughter, Kim, is trying to trace the footsteps of her fascinating ancestor in a modern Istanbul, where the harems have all but disappeared. But not the brothels, as Kim discovers at her own expense. But Kim's not just trying to find her roots. Legend has it that Jade, and Jade alone, knew where the Black Sultan hid his treasure, a treasure that no one has ever managed to unearth...

  • While the rest of the world thinks she's dead-again-Kriss is hellbent
    on rescuing her son Aniel in Bag Dadh. It's a long way off, however,
    and time is something she doesn't have to spare. Looking for a
    shortcut, Kriss decides to climb the legendary Mountain of Time, said
    to be able to alter the passage of days. Yet it's no mere climb she
    finds, but rather a full-blown quest. Meanwhile, Jolan must continue
    the war against Magnus alone...

  • Wolfcub - Volume 6 - The Queen of the Dark Elves


    • Europe comics
    • 26 Mai 2021

    Ever the willful rebel, Wolfcub is preparing to go all the way to Bag
    Dadh to find her father Thorgal, when an old friend of the family
    pays her a visit: Tjahzi the Dwarf, whose people have been enslaved
    by the Dark Elves. Behind this war between otherworldly beings hides
    a very real threat to humans-for it's the entire celestial order that
    Lolth, Queen of the Dark Elves, wishes to overthrow by going after
    the sacred tree Yggdrasil...