• Newton, riviera Nouv.

    Anglais Newton, riviera


    • Prestel
    • 1 Juillet 2022

    Helmut Newton was in his sixties and already a well-established photographer when he and his wife moved to the French Riviera. At an age when many people would consider retirement, Newton instead plunged headfirst into one of the most prolific and liberating stages of his career.

    The city of Monaco was the perfect backdrop for his fashion photography, and it also provided him with a wealth of subjects for his famous portraits, including the stars of the Ballet de Monte-Carlo and the Princely Family. And it was in Monaco that Newton finally tried his hand at landscapes. While this volume focuses primarily on the years 1981 to 2004, it also looks at Newton's historic links with the Cote d'Azur and the area around Bordighera, Italy. There are essays by a range of experts in photography, film, and art and three interviews, including one with Paloma Picasso.

    In these remarkable photographs readers will discover the French Riviera through Newton's fascinated, slightly ironic lens: a way of life characterized by ease and elegance; a world dominated by appearance and superficiality; and a veritable living theater, in which he was both actor and privileged member of the audience.

  • Anglais Banksy

    Alessandra Mattanza

    • Prestel
    • 1 Février 2022

    The most wide-ranging and up-to-date volume available on the enigmatic and controversial graffiti artist, this deeply researched and highly personal tribute explores how Banksy continues to defy accepted wisdom about artistic success, growing only more famous and powerful even as he sticks to his anti-establishment platform and to his mission to give a voice to the voiceless.

    Accompanied by stunning full-page, full-color reproductions and photographs of works in situ-including many that have been lost to time -photographer and street art expert Alessandra Mattanza's impassioned and informed text follows Banksy's career trajectory from creator of message-laden stencils on London's city walls to a sought-after champion of human and environmental rights. She investigates many of the key images that populate Banksy's work-animals, children, historic figures, balloons, cartoon characters, police officers, and others. She shows how Banksy's oeuvre has expanded beyond graffiti and stenciling and how his art has helped support his activism in a variety of causes-from calls for peace in the Middle East to the preservation of the natural environment. Best of all she helps readers make sense of the rather unusual path Banksy has chosen-an artist who uses his global platform to raise awareness about the underserved, rather than to his own celebrity. Readers will come away with a new understanding of how Banksy helped transform an illegal act of criminal damage into a high art form, and how, by ridiculing institutionalized art, he has achieved enormous fame within those very institutions.

  • A rocky coast along the Sea of Japan; an immense plain of rice fields in the snow; Mount Fuji towering over misty wooded hills; silent temples devoid of people but brimming with Buddhist deities; a Torii gate mysteriously emerging from moving clouds and water-these are a few images from this remarkable collection of photographs by Michael Kenna, whose black-and-white work is highly renowned. Forms of Japan, brilliantly designed by Yvonne Meyer-Lohr, is organized into chapters simply titled, "Sea," "Land," "Trees," "Spirit," and "Sky." The quietly evocative photographs, often paired with classic haiku poems of Basho, Buson, Issa and others, provide a contemplative portrait of a country better-known for its energy and industry. Gorgeously reproduced to convey the enormous subtleties that exist in Michael Kenna's traditional black-and-white silver prints, the photographs in this book include both well-known and previously unpublished images from all corners of Japan: Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Okinawa and Shikoku.

  • Faisant suite à leur projet à succès The Ruines of Detroit, ce nouveau travail du prolifique duo de photographes français Yves Marchand et Romain Meffre célèbre de manière poignante les restes en lambeaux de centaines de salles de cinéma à travers l'Amérique. À l'aide d'un appareil photo grand format, les images soigneusement composées des photographes capturent la riche diversité architecturale de ces salles de spectacle. Présenté ici dans un magnifique grand format, cet éloge illustré des palais américains du cinéma deviendra certainement un classique des temps modernes.

  • En 1952, le magazine américain Life demande à Ernst Haas de travailler en couleur sur New York, alors que le photographe expérimente depuis quelques temps déjà avec cette nouveauté encore très difficile à manier techniquement. Il photographie alors la ville dont il a rêvé quand il était jeune garçon, subissant le trauma de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale dans une famille juive autrichienne. Ces images, rassemblées dans ce livre, marqueront tout une génération de photographes amateurs et contribueront à faire changer la perception de la couleur en photographie.

  • Anglais Hannah Hoech


    • Prestel
    • 1 Mars 2022

    World-renowned for her work during the Weimar period, Hannah Hoech was a pioneer in many aspects, both artistic and cultural. She was the lone woman of the Berlin Dada movement - the riotous form of art that deconstructed sound, language, and images to re-assemble them into new objects, texts and meanings. Hoech was a pivotal force in the development of collage, paving the way for today's ubiquitous image editing techniques. A determined believer in women's rights, Hoech questioned conventional concepts of partnership, beauty and the making of art, her work presenting acute critiques of racial and social stereotypes, particularly that of her native Germany.
    Focusing on Hoech's collages, this book examines the artist's career from the 1920s to the 1970s, charting her oeuvre from early works influenced by fashion and mass media, through to her later compositions of lyrical abstraction. It reveals her rapid development of a personal style, which was both humorous and often moving, but also offered critical commentary on society at a time of tremendous social change. Included are essays that examine themes such as the concept of the "New Woman" and the legacy of German colonialism. Featuring international scholarship on a groundbreaking artist, this volume brings together important source texts and reference material, which were first translated into English for the original edition of this book.

  • Anglais Kuniyoshi

    Matthi Forrer

    • Prestel
    • 20 Octobre 2020

    Ce beau volume de grand format sous coffret toilé revient sur tout l'oeuvre de Utagawa Kuniyoshi, grand maître de l'ukiyo-e. Apprécié pour ses gravures mais aussi pour ses dessins et peintures, l'artiste japonais s'est fait connaître pour ses représentations des combats de samuraï, mais cette monographie rappelle qu'il était également virtuose du paysage, portraitiste des acteurs de théâtre kabuki et auteur de représentations très créatives pour l'époque d'animaux de la mythologie. Matthi Forrer, grand spécialiste de l'ukiyo-e et auteur de l'ouvrage, revient également sur les influences de l'Occident sur son travail.

  • Anglais Isamu Noguchi

    , ,

    • Prestel
    • 9 Novembre 2021

    Cette publication qui s'annonce comme essentielle sur la carrière du grand artiste pluridisciplinaire américain et japonais accompagne une exposition qui va circuler en Europe, et commencer par le Barbican Center à Londres. Elle va couvrir tous les aspects de sa carrière foisonnante : sculpture, design, céramique, photographie, architecture, mais aussi ses aires de jeux pour enfants, ses jardins et ses scénographies pour la danse moderne et le théâtre.

  • Anglais Nadine Ijewere


    • Prestel
    • 5 Octobre 2021

    Dans son travail, la photographe de mode Nadine Ijewere raconte avec des couleurs éclatantes, des arrière-plans oniriques et un regard féroce, la subversion des concepts traditionnels de la beauté occidentale, s'appuyant tant sur ses origines nigériennes que sur son expérience de femme noire ayant grandi au sud-est de Londres. Célébration de l'identité et de la beauté humaine, cette monographie vibrante est le premier livre dédié à la première femme photographe noire ayant fait la couverture de Vogue en 125 ans d'histoire du magazine.

  • Anglais Brutalism reinvented

    Agata Toromanoff

    • Prestel
    • 19 Octobre 2021

    Des appartements luxueux aux tours de bureaux, des lieux de culte aux musées, l'architecture brutaliste est aujourd'hui reconsidérée. Cet ouvrage explore et présente les nouvelles interprétations de ce style.

  • Anglais Chas Gerretsen : apocalypse now

    Chas Gerretsen

    • Prestel
    • 7 Septembre 2021

    Engagé en 1976 par Francis Ford Coppola comme photographe de plateau pour le tournage de son chef d'oeuvre Apocalypse Now, Chas Gerretsen a rassemblé dans ses archives personelles plusieurs milliers de photos qui, aujourd'hui, rendent justement compte d'un des tournages les plus apocalyptiques de l'histoire du cinéma. Il était alors photographe freelance au Vietnam, et Coppola l'a choisi car il voulait un photographe de guerre pour un film de guerre. Il lui a donné un accès complet au film, les stars (Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Dennis Hopper), l'équipe technique, les drames autour du tournage : Chas Gerretsen a donc passé 6 mois aux Philippines, rapportant des milliers de clichés couleur, documentant un monument de l'histoire culturelle américaine.

  • Otl aicher design. type. thinking Nouv.

    More than a truly brilliant graphic designer, Otl Aicher was a transformative thinker, photographer, typographer, ecologist, philosopher, co-founder and mentor of the renowned Hochschule fuer Gestaltung at Ulm and teacher. On the centenary of his birth, this splendidly produced and designed book looks at every facet of his career, and traces the many strands of his lasting influence.

    Otl Aicher is most famously known for the pictographs he designed for the 1972 summer Olympic Games in Munich. Fifty years later, his system of iconography has become a universal language, directing people to bathrooms, through subways, around airports and hospitals. But Aicher's achievements extended far beyond the world of graphic design. Filled with illustrations, photographs, documents and archival material, and enhanced by thoughtful and personal essays from leading critics, designers, and friends, this survey takes a disciplinary approach to explore Aicher's role as one of the founding figures of visual communication. We learn about Aicher's work developing corporate brands; how he created the Rotis typeface, then built architecture incorporating the font; how he collaborated with artists and architects such as Josef Albers, Alexander Kluge, and Norman Foster; and how his founding of the Ulm School of Design reflected his passion for teaching, and for an open, free, and democratic society. Aicher's achievements are evident in nearly every public space on the globe and this definitive and timely reference work rightfully places Aicher among the pioneering geniuses of the past century.

  • Ce joli petit livre relié et toilé rassemble tous les travaux graphiques de Hundertwasser, soit 71 oeuvres créées entre 1951 et 1976. L'artiste autrichien et pionnier de l'écologie a maîtrisé de nombreuses techniques, lithographie, sérigraphie et même estampes d'inspiration japonaise pour créer une ode à la nature et à la couleur.

  • Candid and personal, dazzling with color and immediacy, this first and only monograph of a rising star of the photography scene features work from major labels and magazines, outtakes from shoots, and newly commissioned texts by Edward Enninful and Ekow Eshun on the importance of authentic diversity behind and in front of the camera.

    From major portraits of the likes of Kendall Jenner, FKA Twigs, and Tyler, the Creator to cover shoots for leading magazines such as Time, Rolling Stone, and Garage, Campbell Addy has quickly become one of the most in-demand photographers of his generation. The book opens with a foreword by British Vogue's editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful, discussing the powerful intersection of photography, race, beauty, and representation. This is followed by a broad selection of Addy's striking photographs, which range from prominent fashion and magazine commissions to candid portraiture. Featuring recognizable cover shots alongside unpublished outtakes and unseen photography, viewers are afforded insight into Addy's creative process on set. Quotes from leading Black figures including Naomi Campbell and Nadine Ijewere are woven between Addy's striking imagery, in which these trailblazing Black creatives reflect on the first time they felt seen in their industry. The book closes with a deeper exploration of Addy's more personal imagery and influences, paying tribute to the heritage of Black photographers through the work of Ajamu and James Barnor. In conversation with curator and writer Ekow Eshun, Addy balances his own experiences as a queer, Black photographer who left his Jehovah's Witness family home at sixteen with broader questions of identity, intimacy, and art which face many creatives today. Charged with energy, compassion and authenticity, this inaugural monograph signals a major talent whose influence and stature will only grow with time.

  • Anglais Christian warlich tattoo flash book

    Wittman Ole

    • Prestel
    • 1 Septembre 2019

    Christian Warlich est une figure historique du tatouage. Ayant vécu à Hambourg en Allemagne, où il ouvrit un lieu de tatouage et pub dès le début du XXe siècle, il est considéré comme le premier tatoueur professionnel, et comme un des premiers à avoir utilisé une machine électrique. Son flash book, le livre où ses modèles sont rassemblés, et devenu un des objets les plus recherchés au monde dans le milieu du tatouage, puisqu'il est le premier à présenter certains motifs en Europe, les ayant découverts et reproduits sur des marins transitant par le port de Hambourg. Le Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte lui consacre aujourd'hui une exposition, et réédite à cette occasion le flash book de Warlich dans son intégralité.

  • Anglais Women street photographers

    Samoilova Gulnara/Br

    • Prestel
    • 16 Février 2021

    Un tour d'horizon pour faire découvrir 100 femmes qui révolutionnent aujourd'hui la photo de rue.

  • David Zinn's amazing street drawings are created using chalk, charcoal and found objects, and each extraordinary drawing is only ever temporary. This book preserves Zinn's art in all its colorful, hypnotic glory by collecting together never-before published images of his eye-popping creations. Created over the last two years on streets across the globe, these adorably zany and deceptively three-dimensional characters come to life on manhole covers and streetlamps, village squares and subway platforms. Zinn's most frequent characters are a bright green googly-eyed monster and a phlegmatic flying pig-but the diversity of his menagerie is limited only by the size of the sidewalk and the spirit of the day. In a brief introduction Zinn describes his creative process, explaining how he seeks out everyday imperfections to situate his art-such as sidewalk cracks and chips, tufts of weeds and sewer grates-and brief captions describe the provenance of each work. While these amazing drawings can no longer stop pedestrians in their tracks on the streets, they live on in book form to mesmerize and inspire readers of all ages.

  • Catalogue d'une exposition au Barbican à Londres début 2020 et aux Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles en juillet 2020, Masculinities s'intéresse aux représentations divers de la masculinité par les photographes. De l'apologie de la virilité par le sport à sa remise en question dans les milieux queer, de sa reconstruction dans l'identité noire-américaine ou par une approche féministe, la masculinité est largement débatue dans ce catalogue.

  • Surrealism and magic Nouv.

    Anglais Surrealism and magic


    • Prestel
    • 1 Juin 2022

    Like no other 20th-century movement, Surrealism was keenly inspired by tropes of magic, myth and the occult. In their engagement with the irrational and the unconscious, numerous of its members looked to magic as a poetic and deeply philosophical discourse, related to both arcane knowledge and individual self-empowerment. In their works, they heavily drew on esoteric symbols and cultivated the image of the artist as a magician, visionary, and alchemist. This catalog explores the myriad ways, in which magic and the occult informed the development of the Surrealist movement in international perspective, from the "metaphysical paintings" of Giorgio de Chirico through to works of the post-war period. Lavishly illustrated, it combines longer research essays with focused chapter introductions, all penned by leading scholars in the field. Amongst the many fascinating artists included in the volume are Victor Brauner, Leonora Carrington, Paul Delvaux, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Leonor Fini, Rene Magritte, Roberto Matta, Kay Sage, Kurt Seligmann, Dorothea Tanning, Yves Tanguy, and Remedios Varo.

  • Anglais Henry Darger : paperback

    Klaus Biesenbach

    • Prestel
    • 1 Juin 2019

    Réimpression brochée de cette monographie consacrée à l'oeuvre graphique unique et originale du peintre américain Henry Darger.

  • Anglais Egon Schiele ; landscapes

    Leopold Rudolf

    • Prestel
    • 4 Février 2017

    Nouvelle édition pour les paysages mélancoliques d'Egon Schiele dans la collection Art Flexi .

  • Anglais Lucian Freud Herbarium

    Giovanni Aloi

    • Prestel
    • 5 Septembre 2019

    Aussi intimes et méticuleuses que ses célèbres portraits, les natures mortes de Lucian Freud (peintures et dessins), sont rassemblées ici pour la première fois dans leur intégralité.

  • This revised edition of Grospierre's celebrated tour of modernist architecture has been expanded beyond Europe and North America to a truly global reach, featuring buildings in Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and South America. Featuring new and revised texts from Barbican, MoMA and independent curators, this book offers intriguing insights into the history of modernist design, the origins of architectural photography and the reasons why architectural forms repeat in otherwise dissimilar countries.

    Is form still function? How "modern" is modernist architecture? And what has happened to the style's foundational utopian ideals? Nicolas Grospierre's masterful photographic survey catalogues both famous and little-known buildings, challenging the viewer to consider modernist architecture's complicated legacy. Drawn from Grospierre's ever-expanding archive documenting his travels, these large-format photographs of almost 250 buildings are arranged purely by their shapes, prioritizing form over function and location to give a unique perspective of global structures. Uniform in perspective, and presented without comment, Grospierre's photographs allow viewers to discover details and colors that a more narrative-focused presentation would prohibit. The work of nearly a quarter of a century, this ever-expanding collection reflects a labor of love, a photographer's deep obsession, and a celebration of buildings both iconic and mundane all over the world.